2008 was the year of Twitter and Facebook, but which sites will dominate 2009? We've put together a list of the 10 sites we think you won't be able to live without this year.

We've no doubt that micro-blogging site Twitter and social-networking site Facebook dominated your online activities last year. There's no doubt that these sites captured the imagingation of web surfers worldwide last year. But will they be as popular in 2009, or are there a host of new sites waiting in the wings to claim the crown as the web's most popular site?

We've put together a few educated predictions regarding the sea of new or up-and-coming sites you may not even have heard of yet, to bring you, what we think will be the 10 biggest websites of 2009. While most are flying below the radar today, these ten sites and services have a good shot at emerging as the fastest growing and most buzz-worthy of 2009.


American TV network CBS took over website operator CNET last year, which included the rights to the TV.com URL. It has now added a good amount of full-length prime-time shows (not just clips) to the site that have previously been broadcast on the BBC, ITV and Channel 4.


Before CBS took over the site, it offered only promo clips, cast profiles, interviews, and discussions - yet it had 16.5 million viewers per month even then. That number should begin climbing steadily over the course of 2009 with all the new video content.

Unfortunately, we're not all that impressed with the video quality. That will have to improve if CBS wants to become a serious online TV competitor.


Qik provides a platform where you can easily stream and share live video from your mobile phone camera. When visiting the site, it's easy to find live video streams being shot by Qik members from around the world. This is great for family stuff, like Grandma in America watching her baby grandson in Italy in real time, for example.


After you are finished streaming your video live over Qik, the video is automatically archived at the site. And, if you set it up to do so, Qik sends the videos to YouTube, your blog, or to your page on Facebook. Using Qik does not require a fancy smartphone - an inexpensive Java-based handset will do. Qik has found a niche and is exploiting it well. We're predicting that many more video enthusiasts will flock to Qik this year because of its simple, straight-forward design and ease of use.

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