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  • Fitbit vs Apple Watch

    fitbit vs apple watch 5

    Which is best, Apple Watch or Fitbit tracker?

    16 Sep 2020

  • Best of IFA 2020: Tech Advisor's favourite tech

    tech advisor best of ifa 2020 award

    The 10 gadgets that caught our eye this year

    04 Sep 2020

  • Tech Advisor October 2020 Digital Edition

    taoct20 cover

    Latest issue of Tech Advisor out now.

    13 Aug 2020

  • What is Amazon Prime? Cost, benefits & free trial explained

    amazon prime features

    A complete guide to Amazon Prime features including Video, Music, delivery and more

    28 Jul 2020

  • How we test: Audio

    how we test audio headphones speakers

    Find out what goes into reviewing headphones and speakers

    15 May 2020

  • Best Micro-USB charging cables 2020

    best microusb charging cable

    Charging cables can be cool, too. Here are the best Micro-USB charging cables you can buy.

    27 Apr 2020

  • How much screen time is healthy for children?

    kids and computers

    Guidelines for managing screen time for children

    07 Apr 2020

  • 150 funny things to ask Google Assistant

    funny things to ask google assistant

    Meet Google Assistant's less serious side

    11 Feb 2020

  • QLED vs OLED

    qled vs oled

    What does the TV display jargon really mean?

    10 Feb 2020

  • DisplayPort vs HDMI

    displayport vs hdmi

    We explain the difference between the DisplayPort and HDMI standards

    24 Jan 2020

  • Best Google Home accessories 2020

    best google home accessories main

    Ten of the best accessories for the Google Home range

    02 Jan 2020

  • How to use Google Assistant: Best Google Home tips & tricks

    google home tips

    You could be surprised at what Google Assistant is capable of. Let's get you using your Google Home to its full potential

    24 Dec 2019

  • Last minute tech gifts for Christmas 2019

    best christmas gifts tech

    There's a gizmo or gadget to suit everyone, including gamers, commuters, nerds, new parents, kids and more.

    23 Dec 2019

  • Is Google Home listening to me?

    is google home listening to me

    How much the smart speaker is listening - and what you can do about it

    20 Dec 2019

  • What is Powerline

    devolo dlan650triple

    Powerline adapters can transform your house into a fast home network

    08 Dec 2019

  • 45 Funny Things to Ask Cortana

    funny things to say to cortana

    Ask Cortana these 45 questions for some funny replies

    12 Nov 2019

  • What is USB-C?

    istock 513583458

    The idea behind USB-C is a simple one. You have one cable, one connector, and through them you attach everything you need.

    09 Oct 2019

  • What is BT Sport? How to get BT Sport

    bt sport logo

    BT Sport is growing and proving to be a serious rival to Sky Sports in the UK. We break down what it brings to the sporting table.

    06 Sep 2019

  • Why the Panasonic GZ2000 is the best TV of 2019

    panasonic tv

    If you want the ultimate quality from your TV, this is the one to buy

    30 Jul 2019

  • The best Kodi boxes

    best kodi boxes

    From the Xbox to the Amazon Fire Stick, these are the best ways to use Kodi on a TV

    22 Jul 2019

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