Samsung's components arm is talking energy savings at the CeBIT show, pushing the green angle hard with a line-up of reduced-consumption storage, memory and monitors.

Samsung calls its new strategy PlanetFirst, and uses the slogan 'Digital DNA for green computing'. The firm claims that significant energy savings can be achieved by a number of inexpensive measures that do not compromise on performance.

First of all, Samsung says DDR3 memory is key to cutting power consumption. It calculates that energy use can be reduced by up to 63 percent by switching from DDR2 to DDR3 memory.

Samsung also launched its G line of external hard drives at CeBIT. Once again, these are designed for lower power consumption, and are constructed from recycled materials for an additional green angle.

The G3 drives come in capacities of up to two terabytes and are based on 3.5in hard disks. The G2 line of drives, based on 2.5in disks, come in capacities up to 640GB. Both sets of products feature the reduced energy consumption, as well as an unusual, textured design that is supposed to look like leaves.

Even the colour option names are attempts to link the products to the pro-nature cause: the G2, for instance, is available in Olive Green and Coral Blue, as well as black and silver. Samsung says these are symoblic of eco-friendly products.

Samsung was keen to talk up the green credentials of its LED-backlit displays. Despite being impressively thin - Samsung showed us one model that was just 3.6mm thick - they are designed to use 40 percent less power.

Finally, the company claimed that it is taking steps to improve the planet-friendliness of its supply chain, monitoring its suppliers and their facilities to keep harmful emissions to a minimum.