Dell is upping efforts to go green by neutralising the carbon impact of its global operations by the end of 2008.

"Leadership starts at home, which is why we are going carbon neutral, but this should only be the beginning of building long-term partnerships with customers, stakeholders and suppliers of all sizes to team up and make a difference for the Earth we all share," said Michael Dell, the company's chairman and CEO.

The company said it will take inventory of its total greenhouse gas emissions, then develop plans to reduce and eliminate those emissions - including becoming energy efficient and purchasing more renewable power.

Dell urged its peers to join in its efforts to become carbon neutral.

The company also announced a new programme called 'Plant a Forest for Me' to encourage companies to join Dell in planting millions of trees to reforest the planet. The programme is a continuation of the consumer 'Plant a Tree for Me' programme.

The founding members of Plant a Forest for Me include ABN AMRO, AMD,, and WellPoint, all of which have committed to offsetting part of their carbon output by buying trees for Plant a Forest. Also, Dell has teamed with two non-profit organisations, The Conservation Fund and, on its tree-planting programme.

"Dell's commitment to carbon neutrality in its operations primarily involves emissions impacts created by electricity use and facility heating and cooling," the company said.

Dell said it will offset the effect on emissions caused by employee business travel. The company plans to offset its carbon emissions, in part, by investing in renewable energy sources such as wind, where it is available and economically feasible.

Last week, Dell announced an online recycling programme that enables small US businesses to manage, return, and track their equipment.