High-end smartphones cost the earth these days, but thanks to Carphone Warehouse and Honor you can get the kind of handset you really want while spending half the amount.

As you may have noticed, smartphone prices have gone through the roof over the last couple of years. So much so that you can easily splash out more than you would for a decent laptop or even a second-hand car.

Luckily, savvy consumers out there needn’t spend over the odds to get a phone with the latest tech and svelte design. Honor is one brand bringing flagship levels of quality across the board without the usual eye-watering price.

How much does the Honor View 20 cost?

It might shock you to learn that a flagship phone like the Honor View 20 comes with a mid-range price. It starts at £599 to buy it outright, meaning you could buy two for the same price as some of the big name brands on the market.

The Honor View 20 is available from Carphone Warehouse where you can choose from a wide range of networks and plans or SIM-free.

Furthermore, you can now get a £25 Currys PC World gift card when purchasing a Honor View 20 on a pay monthly contract. Ends 31st March  or £10 Currys PC World voucher when purchasing a Honor View 20 SIM Free. End 31st march 

No notch

One of the most impressive things about the View 20 is the innovative punch-hole camera display. Notches at the top of smartphone screens have become almost the norm but cutting a chunk from top isn’t the kind of design many consumers are looking for.

For starters, the back has an eye-catching reflective V pattern. Honor’s design also means that the front of the phone is almost entirely screen. The camera sits in a tiny hole in the corner keeping it neatly out of the way, but ready to go when you want to take a selfie or two.

The punch-hole design means the large 6.4in Full HD+ display can be enjoyed for gaming as well as watching the latest hit shows. It’s all made possible by the powerful Kirin 980 octa-core processor akin to ones found in much more expensive handsets. You can throw anything at the View 20 and it will handle the task with ease.

There’s also no skimping on important specs like memory and storage, which is often a cost saving measure. The View 20 offers up to a whopping 8GB of RAM and 256GB - that’s more than many high-end laptops so all your apps will run smoothly and it’ll ensure you don’t run out of space for photos any time soon.

Megapixels, clever pixels

You wouldn’t think it from a phone at this price, but the View 20 has introduced a world first in the photography department. No longer do you have to splash out to get the best cameras.

At the back it has a colossal 48Mp sensor so can capture incredibly detailed photographs, even in the trickiest of low-light conditions.

The camera is backed up by the latest artificial intelligence (AI) software to help you get professional results every time, even if you don’t have a clue what aperture (amount of light reaching the film or image sensor) and white balance (camera setting that adjusts the color balance of light the you're shooting in so that it appears a neutral white) mean.

Honor’s AI engine can instantly recognise over 1,500 visual scenarios so it knows what you’re pointing the camera at - whether it’s a stunning landscape at sunset or a sleeping cat indoors. With the data it can adjust a huge amount of different settings to ensure you get the best possible shot.

It’s not just photography where the camera excels either with the ability to record video in Ultra HD 4K resolution.

That punch-hole camera at the front is no slouch either, with a way above average 25Mp sensor. Combined with the rear camera that’s a total of 73Mp, more than double many big name brands.

Honor is quickly becoming synonymous with great value smartphones and the View 20 is the perfect example, where there’s no compromise on design, specs or features yet you can buy two for the same price as many big-name devices.

Find the right model and plan for you at Carphone Warehouse today or view some deals below 

Honor View 20 6GB

Sim Free: £499.99

Pay monthly – new subscription best deal: £29.99 upfront, £38 per month, 30GB data (for the price of 15GB), O2


Honor View 20 8GB

SIM Free: £579.99

Pay monthly – new subscription best deal: £29.99 upfront, £38 per month, 30GB data (for the price of 15GB), O2