PC Advisor on Google Play Store Magazines

Google will launch magazines on the UK Play Store later today.

Google has confirmed that it introduced digital magazines to the Play Store in the UK on the evening of 12 December. We're happy to inform you that PC Advisor will be one of the first titles available at launch. See also: Best Android Apps.

The online search giant confirmed the launch for Google Play Magazines will be live for everyone on the morning of 13 December.

Google said: "You can shop a wide selection of titles, from cooking to technology, travel, fashion, sports, photography, and so much more. It's never been easier to find a great read to enjoy on vacation, lounging at home or on your morning commute. Buy new issues or back issues, subscribe and get free 14 or 30-day trials, and customize your reading experience for Android tablet or phone."

Google Play Magazines will include most major publications in areas as diverse as cooking, technology, travel, fashion, sports, and photography. Users will be able to buy new issues or back issues, subscribe and get free 14 or 30-day trials, and customize their reading experience for Android tablets or phones.

The move comes after Google finally brought Google Play Music to the UK. This launch means that UK users can use the Play Store to buy apps, books, magazines, music, movies and devices like the Nexus 4 and Nexus 10.

Use Google Music to listen to your music everywhere

In a similar way to Apple's Newsstand, users will be able to purchase single editions of magazines or choose a full subscription. Google Play Magazines will be available online and on Android smartphones and tablets.

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