The iPhone might be the last word in smartphones for some people, but Android is much more customisable and you'll find apps in the Play Store that probably won't ever be offered to iPhone users.

Some might say that you can replicate everything below on an iPhone, but in reality you'd need to jailbreak it first. While you can unlock even more of an Android phone's potential if you root it, you don't need to in order to run any of the apps below. One of our favourite is Twilight, and we'd genuinely like to see Apple introduce a feature like it or allow the app on the App store.

A brand new app is the beta version of Adblock Browser (see how to block pop-up ads on Android) which means you don't have to see annoying pop-ups while browsing on a small screen. Browsers on iOS don't generally support hird-party ad blockers and if they do, they use a terrible proxy or have other annoying limitations such as only working over Wi-Fi.

So without further ado, here's a selection of great Android apps you can't get on an iPhone or iPad. If you're not using them already, you're probably missing out.

Android apps that will make iPhone users jealous

1. Nova Launcher


Nova Launcher is one of the best launchers for Android, and one of the most customisable. It lets you do all sorts of things that you'd have to jailbreak an iPhone to replicate. You can have 3D transitions between home screens, change the appearance of icons and much, much more.

Best Android-only apps: Nova Launcher

2. Nokia Z Launcher  


Nokia's latest move is to make its Z Launcher available for free to all Android users. The launcher is much more focused than Nova Launcher above, being all about finding the stuff you want very quickly. It makes it fast to find a particular app: simply draw a 'w' on the screen for example and apps beginning with w will show up in a list. And it isn't only apps: contacts and web search results are also shown.

Z Launcher also learns which apps you use at certain times of the day automatically so you don't even need to search: they're right there at your fingertips when you need them.

Best Android-only apps: Z Launcher

3. ES File explorer


Android doesn't have a built-in file explorer, but ES is one of the most popular free options. It lets you browse the folder structure of your smartphone so you can find specific files and perform actions just as you would on a PC: rename, copy and delete. You can also use ES to find apk files to install apps without using the Play Store.

 Best Android-only apps: ES File Explorer

4. USB OTG: Nexus Media Importer


Plenty of iPhone users dream of being able to attach a USB drive to their smartphone and browse files as if it were a PC. Some Android phones have built-in OTG support, but if you have a Google Nexus you'll need Nexus Media Importer.

 Best Android-only apps: ES File Explorer

5. Tasker


A bit like IFTTT for Android, Tasker is an automation tool which you can use for just about anything you can think of. You could set your phone to Silent mode when you arrive at work, for example, or make music play when you get home. There's a bit of a learning curve, but it's well worth it.

 Best Android-only apps: ES File Explorer

6. Twilight


Staring LCD screens just before bed is a bad idea. Twilight changes your screen's colour temperature according to the sunset (or times you set) to reduce the blue light output which is proven to stimulate the brain and prevent you nodding off quickly.

Best Android-only apps: Twilight

8. AirDroid


Want to wirelessly access your Android phone's files, messages and more from your PC? AirDroid lets you do it for free. Like Mighty Text, below, you can send and receive SMS messages, but you can also import and export apk files, view and mange photos, and even view the phone's screen in realtime and take screenshots!

Best Android-only apps: AirDroid

9. Mighty Text


Mighty Text allows you to send texts from your PC or tablet (even within Gmail) without having to pick up your smartphone. It also shows on your PC who's calling your phone, and you get notifications of incoming text messages.

Ok, so this is sort of available on iPhones, but you need iOS 8 and a Mac running Mavericks. So, if you're an iPhone user with only a PC to hand you're out of luck.

Best Android-only apps: MightyText