microsoft xbox one smartphone design concept

With technology becoming ever more mobile, threatening the survival of traditional games consoles such as the Microsoft Xbox, Sony PlayStation and Nintendo Wii, it’s only so long before hybrid console smartphones are on the market. See: games console reviews.

Just as we’ve seen a facebook phone and Firefox phone the games console smartphone is surely on its way. PS4 vs Xbox One comparison review

Here are four concept image designs of what games console mobile phone hybrids could look like from the team at mobile phone insurance website

Two of the images depict how a Microsoft Xbox handset could look and the other two show how a Nintendo Wii handset and PlayStation mobile phone could be designed.

The concept image designs are based on existing features of each games console device; as well as features of the latest smartphones available on the market, such as the popularity of touch screen. PS4 release date in UK, PS4 UK price, PS4 specs confirmed

The inspiration for the Wii Smartphone concept image, with its smooth edges, came from the console controllers of the Wii U, which was made as if it was an independent device.

The Xbox Smartphone draws inspiration from the new Xbox 720, and the PlayStation handset image from the new PS4 device, with a futuristic look, yet retro feel, and sharp edges.

Wii games console smartphone

Xbox games console smartphone

Sony PlayStation games console smartphone

 “Whilst popular, handheld games consoles never really set the world alight and I truly believe that is down to people’s dependency on their mobile phones and their unwillingness to part with their handsets to dedicate time to another device,” said Jason Brockman, director at “Consumers, especially of technology, want everything in one place on one gadget; and that’s why games console smartphones could become a reality soon.

“When looking at which brand of games console might be the first to take the leap into the world of mobile phones, my money would have to be on the PlayStation, given Sony’s already heavy involvement in the mobile phone marketplace.”