PS4 vs Xbox One

Xbox One vs PS4: PC Advisor readers tell us which is best and why.

The Sony PlayStation 4 and Microsoft's Xbox One will both launch this year. The next-generation games consoles bring new levels of connected entertainment to every digital home, but few people if any will buy both Sony's PS4 and the Xbox One.

Battle lines have been drawn, and you have to decide in which camp you reside: Team Xbox or the PS4 brigade?

We recently published our Xbox One vs PS4 comparison review, and it's fair to say reaction was divided. To date in the space of just a few days we've had more than 300 reader comments, and not of them has been neutral.

So we've had our say, and now it's time for yours: here's a balanced selection of reader comments supporting both the Xbox One and the PS4. We're not favouring either side, but we have taken the more [coughs] sensible comments. See also: UK gamers disappointed with PS4 launch.

Let us know what you think in the comments below (or indeed on the original article)! Let battle commence...

Xbox One vs PS4: Xbox One is best!

imythicz themainman: "I'm getting an xbox one for the exclusive games they offer. Nothing is going to change my mind. Xbox all the way for me."

Say it how you see it imythicz (can I call you imythicz?)

XBOX ONE: "Xbox One has 300,000 servers which are dedicated. We have better mutiplayer exclusives. I've just summed up why X1 will be better than PS4 online yet again: Playstation is for the casual gamers not the hardcore gamers, Xbox supports the biggest competitive console title in the world.

"You get people like you who are obsessed with all the technical stuff, but the fact is PS4 will never match Xbox One when it comes to the mutiplayer experience."

I suppose it was inevitable that you'd be an Xbox fan, given the way your parents named you.

Rick: "I'd rather get an X1 for the simple fact that Microsoft actually knows how to make an operating system. If Sony was so focused on gaming, that little Skyrim disaster would have never happened. People kept saying the PS3's hardware was superior to the 360's... didn't seem that it was when Skyrim's addons came out.

"Xbox is more [of] a safer bet. Sony gives you nice hardware on paper but not so good software to run it. As for the HDMI passthrough, its a great idea. Some of us only have a few HDMI ports on our TVs."

LMWcomparison: "Yes the PS4 is cheaper. [But] if you want all the features on the PS4 controller you have to have the camera. this means you have to dish out another 60 bucks for everything to be as good as it can get. this brings a $40 price difference between consoles.

"And if you read reviews about most people who played both consoles at E3 they said that Xbox games were more fun. Even the games that were for both consoles they said were better on the Xbox.

"Restrictions and hardware is virtually the same on both now that Microsoft made changes. Xbox is the better console for gaming experience."

It's hearsay, but passionately argued hearsay.

Nick Casas: "I've played PS3 for two years and switched over to Xbox only to find connectivity problems, but Xbox was more on the competitive side so I stuck to it. The only reason I'm sticking with the Xbox one is for the CoD Ghost dedicated servers and I'm no longer use to the PS3 controller anymore it feels uncomfortable but if you are looking for a console to game on and you're new [I'd] definitely recommend the PS4."

Trmn8r: "Sure PS4 uses 8GB DDR5 RAM and Xbox One uses 8GB DDR3 RAM. But Xbox One also has a 32MB esRAM processor which many tech junkies believe it can actually push the throughput of the Xbox One up to 192gb/s vs PS4s 176gb/s. It has also been told now that PS4 will be utilizing 3.5GB of RAM for their OS vs Xbox One using 3GB of RAM.

"There are a lot of factors that can affect things too so it is just too soon to really tell on a lot of things."

Bit of a copout in the end there, Trmn8r. Nice handle, but.

sony: "I think the Xbox one is taking people into the future (media center in one place) and the Sony is just for gamers. I remember how when the PS3 came out and it was touted as being more powerful than the 360 (it is), but the gaming is the same (I own both).

"The XBOX world is just so much more easier, fun and efficient than the Sony one."

And that's coming from 'sony', people.

Xbox One

Now let's see what the opposition makes of things. See also: PlayStation 4 goes up for pre-order in the UK.

Xbox One vs PS4: PlayStation 4 is best!

Naxirian: "Xbox has less RAM available than the PS4 because the Xbox's operating system is more RAM hungry. It uses 1GB more of its RAM than the PS4 uses simply when idling.

"The PS4 is vastly superior hardware wise. In addition, the GDDR5 RAM is actually 3 times faster than the DDR3 RAM. GDDR5 RAM is the super fast RAM that is utilizied on PC graphics cards. It's greatly superior to regular DDR3 RAM."

Not strictly true, but passionately argued.

Matt Berial: "The Xbox One only has 32MB of eSRAM, utilizing it in conjunction with the GDDR3 RAM is probably not going to be worth the trouble for a lot of developers, and even when used it's not going to bridge the gap between GDDR3 and PS4's GDDR5."

So a hardware win for the Xbox is not a hardware win at all. This stuff confuses me.

Musson: "Obviously the PS4 is [the best], plus [with the Xbox] you have to buy the Kinect which no real gamer wants, and you have to pay for it.

"Just let people choose their console and no one will really see a difference when they play anyways.

"I personaly hate PS4 controller, but I won't get the Xbox until they get a bundle without that useless Kinect."

Tough love that I *think* is pro PS4. Just about.

Ian Beale: "I'm gonna be going for the PS4 as it looks like Sony want to put all their focus into gaming, whereas MS wants to branch out with other things such as TV, which is completely fine I think.

"However, I have been put off MS lately with their many restrictions. This Gen was really all about MS with the 360 and I believe Sony are addressing that very well. I believe they are really gonna learn from the mistakes they made with the PS3.

"Also, another thing that worries me. MS have decided to cut back on all these restrictions on their console now. Not needing a constant Internet connection, being able to play used games. But what's to stop them from bringing all that back with an update once people go out and buy their console? I honestly don't think they would do this but it's also there in the back of my mind."

That's all very well Ian, but two questions: what happened to Dog Market/The Banned, and how the Hell have you managed to attract a succession of attractive women depsite doing little with your life beyond running a greasy spoon in Walford?

Ean Arencii: "For the last few years Microsoft has just been playing catch-up compared to Sony, never actually getting better though. If you ask me the Xbox One is just a sorry excuse to try and prove to people Microsoft can have some original ideas."

That's Windows 8, isn't it? Oh.

Lionex: "The PS4 interface is completely different, if you want a better idea of what it will be like, look at the Vita, it's basically a mobile version from what I can tell.

"Sony has 30 games in development from first parties, 12 of which are new franchises, and 20 of which will be released in the first year. Microsoft has 15 according to them. I'd wait a bit before making any statements on games.

"There are also a lot of F2P games coming from PC that don't require PS+.

"Xbox live TV won't work outside of the US at launch, although I don't know if their policy changes have affected this. I'd be excited about this if changing inputs bothered me, but it's like literally pressing a button. You will have to press one to open XBL TV anyways, so I don't see the advantage of paying an extra $100/£80.

"It doesn't even replace your cable box anyways, it uses an HDMI pass-through and an IR light to control your cable box from your xbone, which does make me wonder why the hell it won't work outside the US at launch."

And finally, several words from a man with lots of time on his hands and a passion for the PS4...

justerthought: "Unified memory means the AMD CPU and GPU share the same memory space (RAM). So I expect both consoles to be the same in that respect. It's the fact that the PS4 GPU is accessing shared fast GDDR5 RAM instead of shared slow DDR3 RAM that makes the PS4 so special for game graphics.

"GDDR5 is not the only major difference that makes the PS4 hardware superior. In order to fit the eSRAM on the APU, MS have had to cut the size of the GPU drastically to make space. So PS4 has 18 compute units while XB1 has only 12. Those 6 extra units are half of what the XB1 has in total and its added on top. Huge difference.

"Don't underestimate the power of GDDR5 RAM. No gaming PC worth its salt has less than 2GB of GDDR5 RAM available to the GPU. XB1 has zero GDDR5 RAM. The cut down XB1 GPU is running on slow unified DDR3 RAM.

"The eSRAM is very small and is only good for transferring very small chunks of data extremely fast. eSRAM is not going to fill all that nice RAM with large hi res textures any faster than the DDR3 speed limitation.

"XB1 does not have more RAM available to devs. XB1 reserves 3GB for OS. PS4 reserves 3.5GB for OS. That initial split gives XB1 the appearance of more RAM for games, but the PS4 has the ability for the devs to claim an extra 1GB from the OS allocation. That extra 1GB is managed by the OS, but belongs to the game 100%. So that ends up 2.5GB reserved for the OS. That's 5.5GB for games on PS4 and 5GB for games on XB1.

"The XB1 allocation is fixed because there is no RAM to spare. MS have got two complex OSes running simultaneously and also TV and Kinect running on it, draining resources from the actual games.

"The reason why PS4 is the best games machine is because it focusses all the hardware on the actual games. XB1 wastes hardware power on ways to not play games. Why? Because MS hijacked the Xbox brand in the order to launch a TV box onto the masses. The hardcore gamers suffers.

"Don't get me wrong, both machines will be great games machines and have equally great game libraries. The difference is that one console will do games better than the other, so PS4 is the hardcore gamers choice.

"A valuable ace up the XB1's sleeve is the reduced lag dedicated servers it will use for multiplayer and the close link to COD. But is that enough. You think hardcore gamer = COD multiplayer. There are masses of hardcore gamers playing open world games and the many excellent single player games. PS4 will excel at open world for all the 'tech' reasons I have mentioned.

"The current trend heading into the future is for all AAA games to go open world. COD style games are a dinosaur now and won't be popular forever. People get bored and move on. You will see that when you have been playing games as long as I have. Since since they were first invented 35 years ago.

"Sony are now charging for multiplayer so neither of us know how that will affect the online experience. Maybe Sony will come very close to the XB1 experience causing it to loose the only shining light it has.

"Don't be fooled into thinking the Playstation is all for casuals just because they have games for everyone. The hardcore is well catered for as well and the PS4 has the power to deliver. The multiplayer weakness might be fixed, given that Sony has fixed all the weakness that caused the PS3 to get poor multiplat ports.

"I expect both consoles to do well, but PS4 will grab the lion's share. Time will tell once multiplat games are up and running. Consumers will judge the difference and make a choice.

"No real hardcore gamer wants their console horsepower gimped with TV functions even if they have reduced lag multiplayer.

"Notice I said 'reduced lag'. No matter how many dedicated servers MS creates, the user still has to pass through their ISP's servers and all the latency that creates. Sony are addressing that problem by doing deals with ISP's to create special Playstation packages that have priority high speed tunnels with reduced latency.

"If those solutions are cost effective and Sony also improve their servers, the MS multiplayer advantage will be dead in the water. So don't be so quick to judge the future by looking at the past. Only fools stand still and Sony are not fools."

Thanks justerthought. When do you want to start?

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