GigaOm reports that the new Xbox experience (how many is that now?) should be with us by November 25. The new update, video of which was leaked last week, includes full Kinect support rather than the discrete hub we have now, and support for further worldwide live and on-demand video services from a variety of providers.

GigaOm's sources indicate that the apps included with the update on the new "Applications" tab will be built using an implementation of Microsoft's Flash competitor Silverlight, codenamed internally as "Lakeview." The Lakeview tech features the ability to easily build Internet-connected applications which Silverlight is known for, but adds Kinect voice recognition and gesture control. Video playback will be based on Apple's H.264 HTTP Live Streaming technology rather than Microsoft's own Smooth Streaming.

Microsoft is keeping quiet about the specifics of the Lakeview/Silverlight implementation as it has undergone a number of revisions in the last few weeks. GigaOm's sources suggest that Microsoft's goal is to open up the platform to third party app developers who will be able to build apps for the Xbox 360 -- not necessarily just games. Could we be looking at the genesis of an Xbox App Store?

Sources indicate Microsoft is targeting Black Friday -- November 25 -- as the day for the update. This will give the new services and apps time to gain some momentum just in time for the holiday rush.

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