Microsoft's Xbox 360 console is outselling PlayStation 3 by 3:1, says

According to the voucher code website, despite Playstation 3 sales being almost equal to those of the Xbox 360 in August and September there has been a surge in the number of Xbox consoles purchased during October and November.

The website is predicting that the Xbox 360 will win the Christmas console war, which it says is thanks to its recent partnerships with Sky, Facebook and Twitter.

Retail expert Mark Pearson also said price was a factor. While the Playstation 3 costs £249.99, Microsoft's Xbox 360 is £149.99

"A couple of months ago, little separated the two in terms of units being sold through our site, but November has seen a huge surge by Microsoft's budget friendly console, backed by a stellar PR campaign," said Pearson.

"The PlayStation 3 is undoubtedly a fantastic console, but Brits are still extremely mindful of their bank balance due to the recession, and although they want Christmas 2009 to be memorable, are seemingly more than happy to choose the cheaper option."

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