The most famous mouse in the world now has his very own Windows 8 compatible game. The puzzle-based adventure takes you on a journey through physics with Mickey as your main character. Help the mouse to dodge, jump, run and tumble through five episodes designed to keep you on your toes at all time. There are over 100 different levels to make it through all jam packed with different challenges.

Play as Mickey you attempt to make it through a series of challenges using the wind, clouds and rain to help you along the way. As the game is made by Disney it has their high-end design ethos and so the game looks really good. Of course, there are cameo appearances by other Disney characters like Goofy and Pluto amongst others. The desktop version of this game has 20 more levels than the one designed for mobile phones too.

The better you do the more levels are unlocked and as you go along there are bonus levels to unlock if you gather the in-game collectables as you play each level. Aimed primarily at younger age groups, Where’s my Mickey is fun enough to keep young minds occupied, but even adults will find the challenge of helping the animated mouse make it thoroughly stimulating.

For £3.49 Where’s my Mickey represents incredibly value for money. If you’re looking for a simple puzzle game to keep your mind active and fill in the gaps in your day this is an excellent choice. You can get it from the Windows 8 app store and it only takes up about 75MB of disk space.

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