Steam's seasonal sales are pretty legendary stuff, combining store-wide discounts with interactive challenges, special bundles, and limited edition virtual badges and trading cards for die-hard users to worry about collecting.

There are typically four each year: a Summer Sale, Halloween Sale, Autumn Sale (for Black Friday), and Winter Sale (for Christmas). They're fairly predictable, but exact dates are only revealed at short notice, which keeps us on our toes.

If you're not a Steam fan, plenty of the Steam alternatives run their own rival discounts around similar times, so keep an eye on the likes of and Green Man Gaming

And if you're curious, why not check out exactly how much you've spent on Steam over the years. 

When is the Steam Summer Sale 2018?

As was rumoured prior to launch, Steam's Summer Sale is now live after a 21 June 2018 launch. The highly anticipated sale is set to go on for just over two weeks, before ending on 5 July 2018. You can check out the reveal trailer above, and take a look at our sale recommendations below. 

Best Steam Summer Sale deals

While there are hundreds of discounts across the Steam Store, which should you look out for? We've browsed through the same, and found some impressive discounts from big games like Prey and GTA V, alongside lesser-known classics:

Best Game Deals

If you're not specifically looking for games on Steam, take a look at our top picks of the best game deals right now: