14-months after its launch, VirginGaming.com announced it is stumping up €3,000,000 in cash and prizes for its member to compete for in 2012.

Virgin Gaming will host big money tournaments throughout the year in a unique format Virgin Gaming calls 'Series Tournaments'. Launching on August 25, 2011 Series Tournaments are a new multi-level tournament model that allows its members to enter, leave and resume a tournament at any time, as well as play in the tournament as many times as they like. Virgin Gaming claims that this new format will allow tournaments to start and finish sooner and more often, by freeing gamers from the 'rigorous time commitment of traditional bracketed tournament play'.

'We're always listening to our members, and one thing we kept hearing was they wanted more frequent tournaments for larger prize pools,' said Zachary Zeldin, co-founder of Virgin Gaming. 'We can't wait for them to try this new style of tournament; it's going to let us to host more games and accommodate our unrivalled million euro prize pools.'

Virgin Gaming was launched in June 2010 and has experienced considerable growth (500,000 online users). Virgin Gaming offers gamers of all levels the chance to compete against one another for cash  (deposited through a a secure payment back end) in a safe and validated environment via its Fair Play Guarantee™.

Virgin Gaming holds the license to all of the EA Sports games, so if you want to hustle your mates for some cash at FIFA or Fight Night Champion, this is the place to go.

Gamers can learn more about Virgin Gaming and sign up for free membership at http://VirginGaming.com.