Microsoft has been talking to the UK press about its plans for a movie rental service akin to the Netflix deal it has in the US.

Microsoft and Netflix announced a deal last year that allows US Xbox Live users to download movies form its catalogue of 10,000 titles. However, the service isn't currently available in the UK. Instead British Xbox Live users can currently can chose from around 300 titles.

In an interview with, head of Xbox in the UK, Neil Thompson, said: "Netflix is a great deal in the US, and we're looking at what we might want to do here in the future".

Thompson was at pains to state that there were no imminent plans to replicate the Netflix tie-up in Europe - though didn't go so far as to rule out a deal along similar lines in the future. Instead, Thompson said, "We're concentrating on delivering the services we've got and bolstering the content we've got."

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"But we think the content we're offering is broad-ranging and pretty deep. We have to evolve the Live service in different territories at different speeds, depending on what we're able to achieve."

Thompson wouldn't be drawn any further on the subject.

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