Gaming You don't want to do any work on a Friday. Instead, enjoy these six brilliant free online games, ranging from polite sports sims to bloodthirsty shoot-em-ups.

These sites were recommended by readers of PC Advisor for our Readers' Sites competition. Head to this thread to join in and win an Intempo iDS-01 Unplugged speaker dock worth £39.99.

1. Space Game

Don’t be put off by the apparent complexity of the interface: this does-what-it-says-on-the-tin strategy game is perfectly easy to play once you’ve grasped the basic principles. Build a mining colony, conserve your resources (namely minerals and solar power) and fight off enemy attacks with stationary lasers and missile launchers.

Space Game

The tension ratchets up nicely as you hang on for dear life, and the game is so enjoyable that a brief dabble can easily turn into a prolonged session. The graphics are basic but atmospheric.

2. 13 Days In Hell

Fans of gore and stress-inducing survival horror may enjoy this static first-person shooter. Use your mouse to aim for the approaching bad guys’ weak spots and avoid getting chopped into a bloody mess (see below). More powerful weapons and opponents are unlocked as you progress.

13 Days in Hell

PC Advisor Games

3. Viva Caligula

PC Advisor forum user Roderick Glossop recommended Viva Caligula, "a brilliantly nasty game in which everyone's favourite insane Roman tyrant goes on a lunatic killing spree".

Viva Caligula

It’s childish, yes. But you may be surprised by the game’s longevity – we found ourselves getting alarmingly obsessed with collecting all 26 weapons, each of which is controlled by a different keyboard letter. The X key, for example, activates a long spear called a 'Xyston', and we're told V stands for 'Vespiary'. We haven’t found that yet, but we will. We will.

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