Even though the Playstation 2 is nearly 10 years old, it remains the best-selling console to date. Here's our round-up of the 36 must-have games that every PS2 owner will want to get their hands on.

Among the hundreds of games available, there are many that remain classics and haven't been eclipsed by the Playstation 3 titles. Here is the definitive list of the 36 must-own games for the PS2.

36: Psi-Ops: The Mindgate Conspiracy

Year: 2004

Midway had a great 2004, launching a trio of successful titles including The Suffering, NBA Ballers, and the surprisingly good Psi-Ops. The gameplay focused on psychic powers, particularly telekinesis. Taking full advantage of Havok's rag-doll physics, flinging bodies to and fro was so much fun that there was hardly any reason to use firepower. Psi-Ops is an undervalued classic from the game studio that went on to create John Woo's Stranglehold.

35: Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King

Year: 2005

Many players bought Dragon Quest VIII for the demo of Final Fantasy XII, but ended up staying an extra 80 hours to play through this beast of a game. The first fully 3D installment in the franchise, Dragon Quest VIII came alive with beautiful cel-shaded characters designed by famed manga artist Akira Toriyama, and a massive world that rivaled the size of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. From side quests to monster arenas to an epic plot that sucked you in and didn't let go, the eighth installment of the Dragon Quest series was one to remember.

34: The Thing

Year: 2002

Don't write off this creepy survival-horror game until you've tried it - The Thing is one of the best horror games on the PS2. Picking up after the events of the classic John Carpenter film, you lead a squad of commandos into an abandoned Antarctic research base and, ultimately, uncover the shape-shifting alien killer and its murderous brood.

The eerie graphics are surprisingly effective, and the combat is incredibly tense because you must burn Thing creatures with the flamethrower to kill them. But the real twist is that your computer-controlled squadmates might not be who they seem to be - at any time, one or more of them may actually be the grotesque Thing.

A must-play for survival horror fans!

33: Fight Night Round 3

Year: 2006

The third title in EA's stellar Fight Night franchise introduced an innovative new way to experience the thrill of boxing by making use of the dual analog sticks to punch, jab, and block. Fight Night Round 3 also introduced stunning new visuals, and real-time battle damage with swollen eyes, cuts, bruises, and streaming blood.

Fight Night Round 3 also allowed the player to generate rivalries with other boxers, creating cinematic experiences during press conferences and weigh-ins, allowing you to believe that you were truly part of the action. Simply put, boxing doesn't get any better than this deep, sophisticated fighter.

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