First Person Shooters (FPS) are one of the most loved game genres. So we've picked out the 28 must-have FPS games that your collection needs.

17: Battlefield 1942

Why It's Great: The Battlefield series truly lives up to its name; instead of casting you as the lone American soldier up against a castle of Nazi goons, you took on the role of one selected unit in the midst of a massive battle. Battlefield's online play was extraordinary for its time, truly giving the players the experience that they were part of a history in motion, reenacting famous battles from the Battle of the Bulge to Omaha Beach. With historically accurate maps ripped straight from history textbooks, a wide array of era-specific vehicles at your fingertips, and team-based gameplay that made you a true team player, Battlefield 1942 proved itself as one of the most authentic - and enjoyable - World War II shooters to date.

16: Far Cry

Why It's Great: Far Cry marked the debut of what the CryEngine, which later powered Crysis. Even today, Far Cry's technical abilities are impressive. You can explore a huge open-world island, destroy environments brick by brick, and hang-glide from one mountaintop to another. Best of all, it was fun! From the deep single-player campaign to the intense multiplayer, Far Cry was an incredibly rewarding experience that proved that when the man with a gun is wearing a Hawaiian shirt, he's just as threatening as the other guy. if you haven't play Far Cry yet, you're missing out on a classic.

15: Unreal Tournament

Why It's Great: Unreal Tournament was a bold move from the team at Epic Games, who later went on to create the fabulously popular Gears of War. Though Unreal Tournament is now regarded as a modern classic, at the time it represented a huge gamble for Epic: at the time, the studio was more famous for its single-player campaign than its multiplayer modes. But upon its release, Unreal Tournament became an instant classic due to its lighting-quick action, massive arsenal, and open support for fan-made mods and mutators. The controls, graphics, sound, and online modes were all hugely influential - this is another series that played a key role in the creation of Halo.

14: Metroid Prime

Why It's Great: Metroid Prime for the GameCube isn't your traditional first-person shooter. Like its 2D predecessors, Metroid Prime focused more on exploration and adventure than white-knuckle combat. Nintendo and developer Retro Studios took the Metroid franchise and turned it on its head with an incredibly deep shooter that still maintained everything from the original titles that made Metroid a household name.

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