Sony has started shipping a revised version of the PlayStation 3 (PS3) game LittleBigPlanet.

The game was due to launch in the US last week but was postponed after it was discovered that the lyrics used in one of the songs in its soundtrack were derived from the Koran. The lyric, which could have been offensive to Muslims, was contained in a licensed song played during the Swinging Safari level in the game.

"Looks like our production line churned out new copies quicker than our original schedule, and a few of our retailers did what they could to take care of the fans who preordered ASAP," Sony said on its PlayStation blog.

Rather than upgrade the game with a launch-day patch, which would only have reached gamers with an internet connection, Sony decided to postpone the launch and produce new discs with the song remove. The UK launch has been rescheduled for next week.

Sony's decision brought a fast response, both positive and negative, from many gamers who filled online forums with discussion of the move.

Many were disappointed with the delay because it meant another week waiting for what is one of the most innovative games yet produced for the PS3, according to critics.

In the long run the incident will mean little to the sales of LittleBigPlanet. In the game players are challenged to create objects and patch them together using a variety of tools and parts at their disposal. Puzzles and challenges are built into the game to test a gamer's creative abilities and objects created can also be shared with others through the PlayStation Network.