Sony has defended its decision to price the 60GB PlayStation 3 at £425 in the UK.

Gamers in the UK were angered at the pricing, which is considerably higher than in the US, where it costs the equivalent of £300 and Japan, where its price equates to £250. Sony’s UK managing director, Ray Maguire, explained in an interview on Three Speech that the company “doesn’t buy anything in dollars, so the dollar can go up and down” and that the price relies on the relationship between the Euro and Yen currencies.

Maguire went on to say that he would “dearly love to have the PlayStation 3 RRP under £400” and when Sony can afford to do so, it will.

The higher price has also been blamed upon the UK being more expensive than other European countries in terms of transport, cost of living, taxation and staff wages. Therefore the company has to “pay for retail and pay for the expertise that goes into doing that”.

Maguire has revealed that there will be 220,000 PS3 consoles available at the UK launch on 23 March, a greater number than was expected. One way to lessen the outcry at the high price for the 60GB model would be to make the 20GB model with no Wi-Fi capability available at launch. However Maguire has confirmed that this was decided against as response from the marketplace revealed a big preference towards the 60GB model.