Developer RuneStorm is made up of three brothers in South Africa and is perhaps best known for its Unreal Tournament? mods "Ballistic Weapons" for UT2004 and "The Crucible" for UT3, developed as part of the Make Something Unreal? contest and scooping 10 prizes in the process. Now the team is currently preparing its first commercial project, a "fighting strategy game" known as Rooks Keep.

The game is fundamentally based around Chess, albeit very pretty Unreal Engine-powered Chess. Like ancient classic Battle Chess?, pieces are fully animated and take each other apart in gory battle when the time comes for a capture.

There's an optional twist, though -- players who want to add an action game twist to the traditional gameplay can opt to include a one on one combat scenario upon a capture attempt. This feature is strongly reminiscent of 8 bit classic Archon, though based in somewhat more regular units than that game's fantastic mythological creatures.

The game will support online multiplayer, play against the AI or hotseat gameplay on the same computer. There's no release date or price set as yet, but you can find out more about the game on the official website.