Kat, Jason and special guest Kevin VanOrd settle in to discuss what some are already calling the best RPG of the year. Also: Richard from Japan stops by to chat about Pandora's Tower and Final Fantasy XIII-2!

There sure is a lot of excitement for The Witcher 2 going around. Some of the reviews that I've read have already pegged it as the best RPG of the year, and Jason Wilson and special guest Kevin VanOrd seem inclined to agree. We had a nice long chat about it in this week's episode, and I'm looking forward to playing more after E3.

Minor spoiler alert: We basically spoil the Prologue. If you're that sensitive about it, ye be warned.

Regular guest Richard from Japan also drops by to chat about the recently-released Pandora's Tower in this episode, and I'm sad to say that he's killed my interest in it a bit. Definitely bears watching, but the battle system sounds a bit clunky for my tastes. If you're not interested in Pandora's Tower, maybe you'll stick around for some Final Fantasy XIII-2 chatter? If controversy is your thing, I kind of call Final Fantasy X The Most Overrated Final Fantasy of All Time in this episode.

Next week, of course, is E3, and I will be using the opportunity to get some special guests on the show. As of right now, my most anticipated RPGs of E3 are Torchlight II, Dark Souls, Elder Scrolls: Skyrim and, yes, Final Fantasy XIII-2. Naturally, you should keep an eye on our E3 hub for our full coverage (I'll be covering Torchlight II and Skyrim for sure).

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Episode Breakdown: Download it now!

0:00 | Theme & Introduction

0:30 | Cryptic & MMORPGs w/ Kat, Kevin & Jason

16:30 | Musical Interlude: Tales of The Witcher (The Witcher OST)

17:00 | The Witcher 2 Discussion w/ Kat, Kevin & Jason

01:03:00 | Musical Interlude: Theme of The Witcher (The Witcher OST)

01:03:30 | Pandora's Tower & Final Fantasy XIII-2 w/ Richard from Japan

01:37:15 | Lightning's Theme (Final Fantasy XIII OST)

01:37:45 | Outtro & Next Episode