“But Rock Band could never come to PC.” It’s an argument as old as the plastic instruments sitting in your closet. And apparently not true anymore, though it took a detour through virtual reality to make it (sort of) happen.

Thursday night at The Game Awards in Los Angeles, Oculus and Harmonix announced the Oculus Rift-exclusive Rock Band VR. Here’s the trailer, which features Palmer Luckey wearing actual footwear. Also, DragonForce.

</div><p>From the video description:</p><blockquote><p>“This brand new made-for-VR game inspired by the original <em>Rock Band</em>, from developer Harmonix, places you on a virtual stage living out the ultimate rock and roll fantasy, only for the Oculus Rift.”</p></blockquote><p>It looks strange and maybe uncomfortable, but I’m nevertheless intrigued. And curious how it’ll actually work—are we expected to hook PlayStation 4 <em>Rock Band </em>guitars to the PC through BlueTooth? How big will the set list be? Is it guitar-only?</p><p>And most important: Does this pave the way for <em>Rock Band </em>proper to come to the PC in the future?</p></section></article>