Red Bull Formula Face is an online racing game where players can steer their cars using facial expressions. Tilting your head moves the car from side to side, special abilities are activated by smiling and you get a speed boost every time you blink.

The game also allows you to share your high score, avatar and photos from in the game on Facebook. There's also the facility to download and print a papercraft avatar based on your own face. And it's all free! Unfortunately Intel Mac users are out of luck as the plugin required only works on PowerPC chipsets. PC players are good to go, however.

The game shows the interesting potential for hands-free control schemes -- not just of the kind popularized by Kinect, but also that which charities such as Special Effect are researching. Hands-free gaming using face or eye tracking potentially opens gaming up as a form of entertainment to those with disabilities and makes the whole hobby broader and more accessible. While face or eye tracking games are at present very much in the early stages of exploration by developers, there's a lot of potential there for the future.

Try out Red Bull Formula Face at the official website. You'll need Shockwave Player to make it work.

This article originally appeared on as Race with Your Face Thanks to Red Bull