Good news everyone! Skulls of the Shogun is now available for your downloading pleasure... for the rest of us, that is. The game has spent the last few months in a sort of purgatory: its PC release was exclusive to Windows 8, so if you're among the majority of folks who don't own Microsoft's latest operating system, the PC version remained out of reach--until now.

The new Bone-A-Fide edition brings the whole shebang to Steam, adding a new story for the single-player campaign, brand new multiplayer maps, and a new unit, the Tanuki monk.

17Bits' turn-based strategy game has been available for months, and it's rather good--a fun, funny campaign coupled with excellent combat mechanics makes for a raucous good time. The game is also available on multiple platforms, leaving room for plenty of cross-platform chicanery with friends and foes alike. It'll set you back $15, and you can find it on Steam, or on 17Bits' site.

What, still here? Fine, have a trailer.