Have you played Superbrothers: Sword and Sworcery EP yet? How about Infinity Blade II? No!? You monster. Let's fix that right now: these amazing titles--and others like them-- are currently on sale for the palatable price of free.

There's been no official announcement yet, but some of the apps suggest this is all related to celebrating the Apple app store's five year anniversary this week. And there's no official list of what's free, either--iOS enthusiast site Tech Tola (care of Eurogamer) has a cursory list of what's available, and promises to update it.

There are some real winners here. Tiny Wings is getting a bit long in the tooth, but the iPad-friendly HD version gives you a lot more real estate to work with as you and your flightless feathered friend glide across hilly islands. And while I've yet to play Badland, I've heard nothing but praise for its fiendish level design and frenetic pace. I can't vouch for everything, though. Disney's Where's My Water is ostensibly critically-acclaimed, but I know lots of folks have complained about incessant in-app purchases. Real Steel is the official game for the movie, which doesn't bode well, judging by the tepid history that movie tie-in games have.

There's no word on how long these games will remain free, so do yourself a favor and grab them right away.

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