PES 2014 release date

Pro Evolution Soccer is the much loved football game by Konami that has a dedicated army of fans thanks to its commitment to fast flowing gameplay. Here's where we bring you the PES 2014 release date, new features, screenshots and official trailer. Take a look at our BT Sport review: Free sport on Android and iOS.

PES 2014 release date

The PES 2014 release date is set for 20 September 2013 on Xbox, PS3 and PC. There is also a free playable demo, which is set to be released on 11th September for PS3 and 12tg September for Xbox. Visit: PS4 release date and specs confirmed.

  • PES 2014 UK release date for PS3: 20/9/2013
  • PES 2014 UK release date for Xbox 360: 20/9/2013
  • PES 2014 UK release date for PC: 20/9/2013

PES 2014 new features

PES 2014 Fox Engine: Konami has opted for a new game engine for PES 2014, the new Fox Engine has been described by IGN's Daniel Krupa as being “very impressive”. Krupa continues to reveal that the main benefits are improved player movement realism as well as greater detail on player's faces, with things like beads of sweat and facial expressions looking hugely improved on the previous version of the game. See also: GTA 5 release date in UK: New GTA 5 gameplay video.

PES 2014 fox engine

PES 2014 Player Heart: This sounds like one of the most intriguing features of PES 2014. Essentially Heart is a feature that involves the emotions of the players and crowd to adjust the stats/performance of an individual or team; whether a team is playing at home or away will now play an even bigger part in any given match. See also: Xbox One vs PS4 games console comparison review.

For example, if Robin Van Persie takes on a couple of players and then scores a wonder goal, the theory behind Heart is that this will bring the crowd to life, which will in turn lift the individual's confidence and improve his stats for the rest of the game. The improved atmosphere of the crowd is also said to have a positive effect on the rest of the team as well.

PES 2014 Player Heart

PES 2014 TruBall Tech: This shouldn't come as a surprise to serious football game fans, as it's something that developers work on every year. Essentially TruBall is Konami's new improved ball control feature that makes dribbling and ball distribution more realistic.

Konami puts the improvement here down to a shift in focus from centring control around the ball rather than the player in PES 2014. Watch the video below for a full explanation.

PES 2014 Combination Play: In previous version of PES, this feature was only limited to two players at a time. The improvement in Combination Play in PES 2014, now means you can control and react to three plays in combination play. A nice improvement, as the computer's AI when defending and attacking can often be found lacking in football games.

PES 2014 new features video

PES 2014 licenses

As ever with PES, the licenses need to be taken with a pinch of salt as the whole of Premier League is once again missing with the exception of Manchester United and Old Trafford. What this means is that every team barring Man Utd will have fake club and player names that you will have to live with (unless you download the patch), Arsenal for example are called North London, while Crystal Palace are Crisisbless(!?).

That said, PES 2014 does a lot better with other license, and as this year sees PES 2014 with the notable licenses such as the Champions League, Europa League, Spain's La Liga, France's Ligue 1, Netherland's Eredivisie. For a full list of licenses take a look here.

PES 2014 licenses