Gaming Attention gamers. Do you often find yourself logging onto your Xbox Live account, only to play video games with your (male) friends or (male) strangers? Do you yearn for the soft caress of a female voice over your Xbox headset?

Well, a new social service called GameCrush is here to help. GameCrush, which launched on Tuesday, is basically an escort service where men ('Players') can pay women ('PlayDates') to... play video games with them.

That's right, video games.

So all the lonely gamers out there who wish they could play Modern Warfare 2 with a hot girl are in luck - if they want to pay $8.25 (about £5.50) for 500 credits. Each game (lasting six to ten minutes) costs 400 credits, leaving guys with a 100-credit tip (or to save, if you buy a ton of sessions). The pricing is apparently based on what it would cost to buy a girl a drink in a bar.

Currently, the service only supports a few Xbox games (Modern Warfare 2, Gears of War 2, Grand Theft Auto IV and Halo 3) and some casual flash games, although there are plans to add PlayStation 3 and Wii titles, and World of Warcraft. Xbox game sessions last for ten minutes, while flash games last for six minutes - but in flash games, you get to video chat with the girls. What goes on in your Xbox live chat or your video chat is between you and the girl.

Players and PlayDates must be 18 and over to use the service, and PlayDates are allowed to block any guy for any reason. After each session, Players can rate PlayDates on their hotness, skill and flirtiness - the highest-rated PlayDates will be more prominent on the site. PlayDates get to keep 60 percent of what they bring in.

Isn't it great to know that playing video games and chatting with hot girls aren't mutually exclusive activities any more?

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