Numbskull Designs is famous for producing a wide array of video game merchandise but today’s announcement sees it take the plunge into the world of publishing with the creation of Numbskull Games.

Numbskull Games will be taking full advantage of the infrastructure set in place by the Rubber Road Group, which is a mother company to a wide array of business in the Entertainment industry providing support in publishing, licensing, retail and distribution.

The focus for Numbskull games will be to bring fresh and exciting titles to both physical and digital storefronts while also bringing titles that were previously digital-only into the wider retail space.

The new publishing arm will be headed up by Martin Defries, founder and previously managing director of Rising Star Games and President of Rising Star Games Inc from 2011. Martin has overseen the publishing of over 100 games across a variety of platforms with a focus on the Japanese market, bringing famous titles including Harvest Moon and No More Heroes to the west.

Martin himself is certainly excited about the project. “By collaborating with Numbskull Designs and their expertise, Numbskull Games can offer a unique proposition to game studio partners. We already have a raft of exciting projects that will be announced in the coming weeks. The team here are keen to recruit further game content and expand our plans rapidly.”

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