nVidia's Quad SLI (scaleable link interface) graphics technology produces stunning images, but you won't see them displayed on the show floor at Computex.

nVidia told graphics board makers not to show Quad SLI systems at their booths, or to even mention the technology by name before the end of the month, because the drivers are not yet ready, according to an industry source familiar with the situation.

While nVidia has not yet released drivers for Quad SLI, some board makers have managed to adapt drivers to support the technology, albeit without the capability to harness its full potential, the industry source said.

Quad SLI allows a PC to use four graphics processors to drive a single display at high resolution. The result, as showcased by nVidia in a demonstration suite away from the show floor, is near-movie-quality images with a resolution of 2,560x1,600 pixels. Currently, nVidia offers technology that allows a computer to run two graphics processors.

As demonstrated by the firm, the Quad SLI system pairs two nVidia GeForce 7950 GX2 graphics cards. The company showed the boards running on computers using Intel and AMD processors.

Motherboards are ready to support Quad SLI, which requires dual PCI Express slots as well as other features, but the release of the graphics card has been held up by the lack of drivers, the industry source said. nVidia has not said when the cards will be available.