Nintendo is collaborating with Japanese developer Ganbarion to bring another RPG to the Wii. Here are the first details!

Back in January, Nintendo unveiled a teaser site for a game called Pandora's Tower that featured a picture of a mysterious character with a tattoo on their back and not much else. Now, out of the blue, they've got all sorts of new details for the upcoming Wii title.

Titled Pandora's Tower: Until I Return to Your Side, it looks to be an action RPG featuring a chain whip wielding hero named Ende. His quest is to recover meat (yes, meat) from the titular towers that can help his friend recover from a curse.

The game will be set around a timer, which is only reset by finding meat from the monsters in the towers. The ultimate goal, of course, is to defeat the bosses guarding the twelve towers to remove the curse entirely.

Pandora's Tower is being developed by Ganbarion, whose credits also include the excellent Jump Ultimate Stars. Nintendo will be handling publishing duties, which is a continuation of their recent support for RPGs on the Wii. Apart from developing Xenoblade (courtesy of first-party studio Monolith Soft), Nintendo also collaborated with Mistwalker on the recently released Last Story.

Pandora's Tower will be out May 26 in Japan.