Nintendo surpassed Sony as the world's largest manufacturer of consumer electronics yesterday, albeit briefly.

Bloomberg reported that Nintendo stock rose to a record value of 46,350 yen per share, giving it a total value of 6.57 trillion yen (£27bn). Within that same time frame, the total value of Sony stock dropped to 6.48 trillion yen

However, by the end of trading yesterday, Nintendo stock closed at a lower final price of 45,350 yen.

Although both companies have been gaining in value over the past few months, Nintendo's value appears to be surging at a much faster rate, due to the immense success of Nintendo hardware ever since the introduction of the Nintendo Wii. The sudden interest in Nintendo stock has allowed Mizuho Securities analyst Takeshi Koyama to re-rate the company from ‘neutral’ to ‘moderately bullish’.

"Nintendo's strength is its ability to create a new market," the analyst said.

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