Nintendo hopes sales of the 3DS, its handheld glasses-free gaming console, will hit four million by the end of March. It's expected that around 1.5 million of these sales will be in Japan.

The console, which will go on sale in Europe in March, after hitting Japan on February 2, has a screen that doesn't require the user to wear 3D glasses. Instead, a filter over the display splits the on-screen image and sends a slightly different image towards the user's right and left eyes, providing the illusion of depth.

The Nintendo 3DS will cost ¥25,000 (£188.97) in Japan. Although UK prices have not yet been revealed.

Nintendo has also acknowledged recent findings that suggest 3D technology could harm children's eyes and has even posted warnings on its website, despite potentially having a negative effect on sales.

"We are being proactive about informing our customer, even though it may not necessarily be positive for our sales," Nintendo's president Satoru Iwata told the Wall Street Journal.

Last week, images of what was thought to be the handheld games console were leaked on the web.

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