Nintendo E3 2014 Yoshi's Woolly World

Nintendo was the only firm to hold a digital press conference at E3 2014 but that had no effect on which games were announced. We didn't make it over to LA for the show but we've got some hands-on time with Nintendo's upcoming games at its post-E3 event in central London.

While Sony, Microsoft and developers for the PS4 and Xbox One (and PC in some case) showed off some great games, they're for more hardcore gamers who love the intense thrill of a one-player campaign and then putting their skills up against others online. Nintendo continues to create titles which will appeal to gamers of all ages, skill ranges and tastes.

Nintendo's E3 2014 announcements brought something for everyone including games for both 3DS and Wii U. Read on to see what we make of Nintendo's upcoming 2014 and 2015 titles. See also: Nintendo showcases its future at E3 2014: It looks great but there's a catch.

Nintendo E3 2014: Splatoon

Nintendo showcases its future at E3 2014: It looks great but there's a catch - See more at:

Splatoon is surprisingly fast paced and a lot of fun. The team-based game is a third person shooter with paint spraying guns, the simple aim is to cover as much of the area floor with your team's colour as possible. You can turn into a squid to move around faster plus there are paint grenades and bazookas. It is a little difficult to aim using the GamePad and the camera angle isn't always the best but hopefully Nintendo can improve these before release, which is unfortunately in the first half of next year.

Nintendo E3 2014 Super Smash Bros

Nintendo E3 2014: Super Smash Bros.

A game which will arrive this year, starting in October on 3DS, is the new Super Smash Bros. Lovers of the series will be pleased to hear that it's your staple Smash Bros. but with plenty of new characters, arenas, moves and gameplay modes. The action is as fast as it ever was which is essential for the game but does make it difficult to play if you're not a seasoned pro. I couldn't even beat a CPU player one-on-one (give me Mario Kart any day). It will be the first game to incorporate Nintendo's Amiibo figurines - finally something which makes use of the NFC. We couldn't test this out but they look great. See also: Mario Kart 8 is just the excuse you need to buy a Wii U.

Nintendo Amiibo

Nintendo E3 2014: Kirby and Yoshi

Kirby and the rainbow curse looks great, featuring a world made entirely of clay. You use the stylus and GamePad screen to control Kirby, drawing clay ropes for Kirby to move on. The level we played was a little slow at times. If clay isn't your thing then perhaps wool is. Yoshi's Woolly World is a real gem and is loads of fun to play solo or co-op. It's charming, cute and clever. Unfortunately, these are two more titles which we'll have to wait until 2015 for.

Kirby and the rainbow curse Nintendo E3 2014

Nintendo E3 2014: Mario Party 10

There hasn't been a Mario Party game in a couple of years so Mario Party 10 is a welcome arrival, or we should say will be when it does tip up next year – a shame since it's a great family game to play over the Christmas holiday. Hoards of new mini games will keep you entertained plus there's the prospect of playing as Bowser. This will be a good pick up for those social gaming occasions.

Nintendo E3 2014: Sonic Boom

Sonic remains a classic and iconic character but we weren't blown away by Sonic Boom which is a tie-in with an upcoming TV animation. It doesn't have a very good camera system or graphics. The puzzle element means a slower pace which doesn't match Sonic's style but we do like the ability to play different characters and the Enerbeam tether mechanic which lets you swing enemies around your head.

Nintendo E3 2014: Captain Toad Treasure Tracker

Nintendo has managed to make an entire game from what was essentially a mini game in new Super Mario Bros Wii U. It's called Captain Toad Treasure Tracker and involves 3D cube puzzles which Toad must navigate his way around collecting gems before reaching the yellow star. It's good fun but somewhat slow-paced and you'll probably only play it once. It will arrive in time for Christmas but we're not sure this one-player title justifies the full price.

Captain Toad Treasure Tracker Nintendo E3 2014

Nintendo E3 2014: Mario Maker

Another title which doesn't warrant a full price is Mario Maker. This is where you can, for the first time ever, use the GamePad and stylus to make your own 2D Mario levels. You can really go to town with your levels and although it's not confirmed, we assume there will be a way of uploading your levels and playing other people's. It's a lot of fun but there's not enough to keep to playing for a long time.

Nintendo E3 2014: Zelda and Starfox for Wii U

A couple of titles which we couldn't try out were the upcoming Wii U editions of Starfox and Zelda. We're looking forward to them but they, like too many titles, won't be released until next year. Those wanting a good Zelda fix will have to be content with playing Link in Super Smash Bros. or Hyrule Warriors.  

While there are some really exciting games in Nintendo's line-up, we're just gutted that many of the best ones won't be released until next year. We'll have to spend the intervening time getting good and Smash Bros. with crossed fingers for no delays.  

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