No matter how many imps you slay over the years, demons just keep on coming.

Co-creator John Carmack may have left id Software for Oculus last year, but id and Bethesda are still working on a new Doom game, and Tuesday, they gave us a first, dark glimpse at it. Sure, it's purely a CG-rendered trailer, but it still oozes the iconic Doom atmosphere. Just seeing the silhouette of the cyberdemon at the end makes my trigger finger itch for a BFG.

Check it out.

It doesn't reveal much. Matter of fact, id hasn't revealed many details about the game at all beyond the mere fact that it still exists, which is itself a big deal, because the game has been in development for five years now. Folks who preordered Wolfenstein: The New Order will be able to play the Doom beta, which will launch...well, id didn't specify that, either. But this trailer promises the game will be revealed at the annual QuakeCon conference in July.

PCWorld will be at QuakeCon to bring you all the details as the Doom reveal happens. After this eternal wait, here's hoping the reboot is more Wolfenstein: The New Order than Duke Nukem Forever.