It's one of those 'write-by-numbers' stories: über-violent/raunchy/politically incorrect game appears, and the Right-Thinking Majority rush foaming to the newsstand, grabbing at copies of the Daily Mail with clammy hands as they combust in a fit of moral panic. Sadly, 'Muslim Massacre' has moved the debate on a tad. (Through the looking glass and into a lunk-headed world beyond parody, to be precise.)

Check out the date-stamp on this story, and then consider this: Muslim Massacre is a game where a US 'hero' must kill followers of Islam to win. Yep, you get rocket launchers and machine guns, and mow down people because, urr, they share religous conviction, but not with you. It's out there now, and it's causing something of a brouhaha.

I'm not gonna link to it, but you can find and play Muslim Massacre for free on the world wide interwebernet. Anyone can play, regardless of age, religious persuasion or ability to grasp the finer nuances of geo-politics.

There's no wit or irony here, this is attention-grabbing, revenge-of-the-nerds wish fulfillment by a hopeless geek with issues. You know, his mum probably didn't make his chips right last night, or something. And the trouble is, it will confirm the opinions of those who believe that gaming causes violence and, you know, the internet is bad. Real bad.

Card on the table: I haven't played Muslim Massacre. But I will give the game's 'creator', Sigvatr, his say (courtesy of the Grauniad): "The bottom line is that I enjoyed making it and it's fun to play."

Er, okay. Sure. Good for you. What's it about then: "If I was to try and come up with a meaning for the game at this moment, it would probably be something along the lines of metaphorically destroying the stereotypical depiction of a Muslim."

Rrrrriiiiiiiggggggghhhhht. That's okay then.


Right, homework: before next week, watch an old episode of 'The Day Today', and then watch Sky News. Spot. The. Difference.

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