Since Nintendo's original Game Boy only had four shades of gray to play with, artists and designers had to work hard to give their pixel art distinctive character. This lack of color became an iconic feature of the Game Boy and wasn't "fixed" until 1998's Game Boy Color. Even as Nintendo's handhelds have moved further and further away from their roots, the classic four-tone monochrome look still retains its charm to this day.

It's this distinctive aesthetic which mobile game developer Orange Pixel has chosen for its latest game Stardash -- a title which they believe aptly answers the question "what if Nintendo made mobile games?"

Stardash is a traditional, old school (read: monstrously difficult) platformer featuring four worlds with ten levels in each, one of which is secret. It supports Openfeint on both Android and iOS, and Game Center on iOS. The Android version supports touch controls as well as hardware keyboard, GameGripper, the Xperia Play's physical controls or a Wii Remote. The iOS version supports touch controls, iCade, iControlPad or the Joypad app.

The Android version comes in free (ad-supported) and paid versions, while the iOS version only comes in paid form. It's $1.99.

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