Ubisoft's free to play web-based social game spinoff of the Might & Magic Heroes series will be entering its third season from September 15. The new update will bring with it new PvE and PvP challenges along with a much greater degree of customization for character avatars. It will also introduce cooperative tasks and further additions to the in-game store for customization and timesaver items.

Might & Magic Heroes Kingdoms is set six centuries after Dark Messiah of Might & Magic, in a shattered world where five factions -- the Knights, the Wizards, the Demons, the Necromancers and the Sylvan -- battle for supremacy and unification of the lands. In the Season Three update, Ylath, the Air Dragon, has awoken and the ancient Runic Fortresses of the Dwarves have appeared, challenging players to defend them against the Dark Elf hordes.

The game focuses rather more on the kingdom-building side of things rather than the tactical RPG combat the Might & Magic Heroes series is typically known for. Battles are resolved in your absence using a simple "rock, paper, scissors" combat system between infantry, cavalry and shooter units. And like many social games, buildings and units can take significant amounts of real time to construct. There's a surprising amount of depth in there for those with the patience, however.

There's certainly no risk in trying the game, though -- it is free, after all. Check it out here.

And if it doesn't quite satisfy your web-based strategic itch? Well, there's always King's Bounty Legions on Facebook.

This article originally appeared on GamePro.com as Might & Magic Heroes Kingdoms Entering Third Season