A key part of the Magicka experience is "accidentally" exploding your friends with some "misjudged" spells and then laughing hysterically as they are blasted across the screen, frozen, drowned, incinerated or electrocuted. Now, embittered wizards tired of being "accidentally" dispatched in such a cavalier fashion have the opportunity to exact bloody revenge on friends and rivals alike in the game's new player vs player arenas.

The PvP update is free and includes two arena maps for players to outwit each other in. There's also a "Reservoir Wizard" robe available as free content, too, for those who like a touch of the Tarantino about their magical combat -- this also ties in with the amusing live-action trailer above. Also available for 99 cents each are the sci-fi themed Final Frontier Map Pack, the Frozen Lake Map Pack and the Watch Tower Map Pack. Only one of the players in a multiplayer match needs to have purchased the DLC in order for everyone to play, which is a rather nice touch.

PvP in Magicka has three modes: classic deathmatch, a "last man standing" Brawl mode and the curiously-named Krietor mode. The latter mode is named for a Magicka modder who devised a challenge where various magicks are locked until specific points in the match. This forces players who constantly rely on just one type of attack to adapt as different spells become available.