Italian developer Geniaware has announced its new game, which puts an interesting new spin on the typically spreadsheet-like sport management genre.

Most sports management games have you locked in a virtual office staring at screen after screen of statistics -- so much so, that those who aren't a fan of the genre often claim that playing Microsoft Excel is more fun. Independent Italian developer hopes to change all that with its upcoming soccer management title, Lords of Football.

Lords of Football places the player in the role of a team manager in "a strategic game of exploration, creativity and balancing human resources," according to the team. The game sees you managing the team of players in every aspect of their lives, not just training and on-pitch performance. This means that you get to manage their psychological wellbeing and personal relationships as well as come up with some winning tactics on the pitch and deal with the press.

The game promises a "fully explorable 3D world" and "face-to-face dialogue with your players" both in the 3D world and during matches. It sounds like a potentially interesting way to inject some much-needed personality into the typically cold and clinical management genre. Or possibly The Sims with sportsmen.

Lords of Football is currently in development for PC, PS3 and 360, with no planned release date as yet.

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