The LittleBigPlanet 2 Move Pack releases today for $9.99, and brings with it full Move support for the original story and community levels. It also provides a new story mode known as Rise of the Cakeling, featuring 14 new levels. And for Move-wielding creative types, the pack also offers a selection of new tools for use in level building.

The creative Move tools will allow level designers to create their own Move games, record fluid motions and paint stickers. There are also a variety of new materials, costumes, decorations, music, sound and sequencer objects to fill your levels with.

The new story mode features a new powerup known as The Brain Crain, allowing players to control objects with the power of their mind (or, more accurately, their Move controller).

To round off the package, there are 11 new Trophies to collect in the DLC. If you're a PlayStation Move owner, there's a good amount of content here for $9.99, so check it out from today on PSN.