NeoGeo Station released on PSN at the end of last year with 10 titles -- Fatal Fury, Metal Slug , King of Fighters 94, Samurai Shodown , Super Sidekicks, Art of Fighting, Alpha Mission II , League Bowling , Baseball Stars Professional and Magician Lord . SNK's aim behind the service is to allow a new generation of gamers to discover the games of the NeoGeo -- without having to drop $650 on a wooden console, or indeed try and locate an original system. SNK also hopes to bring some of its more obscure titles to the service, allowing players to enjoy a number of games which had never previously been seen outside Japan.

Today, SNK is updating the lineup of products on the service with two additional games -- King of Fighters 95 and Baseball Stars 2.

King of Fighters 95 brought a team edit facility to the series along with the beginning of what would become known as the "Orochi Saga." It received mixed reviews for its PlayStation port at the time of its original release, though the NeoGeo original, which we're seeing here, was somewhat better.

Baseball Stars 2 promises "powerful arcade-style baseball" with over-the-top animations, a "magic Power Bat mode" and special players, as well as a newbie-friendly "Auto Operation mode."

The games aren't yet listed on the official site so we can't confirm pricing -- going by past titles, though, they're likely to be $8.99 for the PS3 version and $6.99 for the PSP version. Watch out for them later today.