Runescape developer Jagex has announced that it will be hosting a recruitment event for employees affected by the recent redundancies at Disney in-house development studio Black Rock.

Last week, Disney confirmed that 100 jobs were at risk at its UK-based Black Rock Studios development team. Now Jagex, developer of royalty-approved free-to-play MMO Runescape and the upcoming Transformers MMO, has stepped forward to offer 58 positions to those affected by the layoffs.

Jagex has grown a great deal over the last twelve months, with 80 new members of staff since January, and now these 58 new positions on offer. It seems the company is doing well in a time where many other publishers and developers are either closing their doors altogether or making significant reductions in staff.

"It is really sad to see another UK developer making redundancies," said Francesco Genovese, Recruitment Manager at Jagex. "Especially with the number of highly talented people here in the UK. It is this home-grown talent that has allowed us to become one of the world's largest independent developers, and we would love the chance to discuss our current opportunities with those affected by the Black Rock redundancies."

Question is, will the ex-Black Rock employees be able to convince Jagex that Split/Second 2 is a good idea?

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