OnLive launched in the UK recently and brought with it a special deal where new users could get any game for £1. Sadly, this arrangement didn't apply to the U.S., but the company has made a promise: if their Facebook page gets to 62,791 Likes by this coming Saturday, North American users will get their next game for just $1, regardless of what it is.

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Sounds like a pretty fair deal, and it doesn't require anything more taxing on your part than simply heading over to Facebook and clicking "Like."

Why 62,791 Likes, though? Simple -- OnLive's "community guy" MJ made a bet with his manager that he could recruit 10,000 more Likes by Saturday, and the number of Likes at the time was 52,791. That was about an hour ago -- since then, it's jumped up to 52,917. A slow start, but Saturday's still quite some time away.

You like almost-free stuff, right? Do your part.

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