The Xbox 360 continues to do quite well for itself in western territories. But in Japan? Not so much.

Despite finally passing 1.5 million units sold in that territory, sales have dropped some 46 percent year on year. That aggressive apathy on the part of Japanese consumers has many retailers clearing out stock.

According to Edge, Geo--the country's largest specialty electronics retailer--is "drastically" scaling back its Xbox 360 business. While the Xbox 360 will continue to be sold, it will reportedly be only in stores where it is still reasonably popular.

Even the popular Idolmaster series is jumping ship

Even Idolmaster--one of the only popular releases on the Xbox 360--is jumping ship. Namco Bandai is planning to port Idolmaster 2 to the PlayStation 3 with the Xbox 360 version's DLC included.

Microsoft made a substantial push in Japan early in the consoles life cycle, securing exclusives such as Tales of Vesperia and Dead or Alive. But while they provided short term boosts, they have failed to lift the console beyond a very select niche of fans.

The Xbox 360's decline comes as no surprise, but the PS3 is hardly doing any better (it has suffered a 17 percent drop in sales compared to last year). With the continued rise of mobile and handheld gaming in Japan, it seems as if consoles are in for a tough time in general.