Electronic Arts has announced that it will release Godfather 2 for the PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 (PS3) in February.

Similar to the first game, Godfather 2 features an original story using characters from the movie, with events unfolding in 1960s Florida, Cuba, and New York.

But rather than resting on its GTA-clone laurels, Electronic Arts is introducing an additional strategy element to the game called 'The Don's View', which allows players to oversee the entire world from afar as they grow the family business.

"Running an organised crime family in a world defined by family loyalty is something that we felt could introduce a new strategic element to the genre," said executive producer Hunter Smith. "That is what the 'Don's View' is all about - it's so unique, it could fundamentally change the rules of open-world games by blending action and strategy to create something entirely new."

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