Logic Color Infection

Mixing physics with logic puzzles that require a quick reaction as well as a well thought-out plan is a tough combination. Test your limits with Logic Color Infection.

Start with a single brown ball and infect all the yellow balls by touching them in a phyics-based puzzle level. Of course, they can't make it easy on you so they added in green balls that make you lose as soon as they touch a brown one.

Logs and planks of wood can be removed to get the balls rolling (har har) as well as neutral balls that seperate the brown from the green. Keep an eye on how they all react to every timing choice you make. Everything is put into the level for a logical reason--it's up to you to figure out the reason.

Enjoy 36 levels of mind numbing puzzles that will leave you frustrated--but always clammoring for more.


Pathologic has one of the simplest premises with the toughest execution. Move through blocks collecting all the white rings you see. The catch is, you can only touch a square once--no backtracking!

It's simple at first and the paths are fairly obvious, but the difficulty ramps up quick. All too often you will be cruising along without any worries, just to get to the end and realize you missed a ring or are now stranded--time to restart. It's not forgiving.

50 levels of this that rank from beginner to beyond difficult will have you seeing blocks and rings in your sleep.

Jahoomas LogicBox

Are you a computer programmer at heart but just can't get past all those obnoxious commands and strings of code? Jahoomas LogicBox will let you program sequences in a more friendly, visual way.

Start with a string of characters and put them through a ringer of commands and directions. Delete, swap and compare to manipulate the string to the desired result. Your entire function must pass a series of 3 to 4 tests with the correct result--if even one of test fails, you have to redesign. There's nothing more heartbreaking than having to start over because the last test won't drop one stupid letter.

Each new section you pass will give you a new logical tool to mess with, which ultimately means more complicated functions. There's supposedly 19 levels, but I can barely get past the fifth. It's head-smacking frustrating with some fist-pumping fun.