This weeks games will have you helping out with cutting edge science and using one of earths largest repositories of knowledge to make your own RPG. Plus, theres a platformer.


EteRNA is a joint product out of Carnegie Mellon and Stanford which hopes to use RNA chains produced in the game to create a real life library of stable RNA patterns for research. While thats all well and good it also helps that the game they created to do it is ACTUALLY FUN and proves that science, when properly packaged, is still the best puzzle game on the market.

A Tale of Colours

A Tale of Colours is another platforming game with a retro 8-bit style, but what distinguishes it from all the other free games with that general description weve featured on Free Friday is an emphasis on exploration with a genuinely large open world for you to run around in and discover new and exciting areas in. Thats not to say the game lacks dangers or platforming sections, just that theres more here than that.


Finally we have a game youll need to download to your PC (weve tried to move toward browser-based games on Free Friday for maximum compatibility) but the games hook makes it worth it. WB-RPG is a an an RPG game that takes random sections of Wikipedia to create a games story and world and allows the player to connect them using text of their own invention. The result is a storytelling tool that never produces the same adventure twice.