Microsoft has teased its E3 announcements, revealing that Forza 4 will feature head-tracking support, courtesy of the Kinect sensor.

The team at Turn 10 is always trying to make the Forza series more realistic, and with Forza 4, it claims to have added a number of new and innovative features -- most of which, inevitably, it's not allowed to talk about until E3.

One of the things it has showed off, though, is the new Kinect-compatible head tracking feature.

"That sensor is a boon for us," said Dan Greenawalt, Creative Director at Turn 10. "We're able to prototype new ideas -- some for the core, some for the more casual, and everything for car lovers. We're always looking for new ways to experience cars, and this is one of those things with head tracking -- we thought we could bring a new experience to the core racers. So we watched how people drove, with a controller, with a wheel, and watched how they moved their head when they get excited, how they lean into the corners. We thought Kinect would be a great way to just capture that movement they have, and allow them to look into the corners."

It sounds like head tracking is just one of the Kinect features available in Forza 4. Further details will be forthcoming during E3, at which Forza 4 will have a "big presence" according to Greenawalt.

Check out the video of the head tracking system over on

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