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Football Manager's slightly eccentric Studio Director, Miles Jacobson, held a faux press conference to highlight some of FM 2013's new and improved features. See FM 2013 new screenshots and features announced.

In the brief introduction to what's new in FM 2013, Jacobson highlighted some "genre defining changes" that include improvements to FM 2013's Network Game, Scouting and Training. See also FM 2013 release date.

So without any further ado here are new FM 2013 features:

FM 2013 features: new game modes

Traditionally Football Manager has had two basic games modes. These have been Football Manager itself and a Football Manager Network Game. Take a look at Football Manager Handheld 2012 review.

FM 2013 will see two new game modes that allows its gamers to "play the game in a whole new way". These are Football Manager Classic and Football Manager Challenge Mode. See also Fifa 13 release date, features and screenshots.

Football Manager Classic is essentially a less time consuming form of the game. Time saving features include, no individual player training (full squad training only), no team talks or opposition reports, and matches that are streamlined to highlights only. Take a look at Group test: What's the best gaming PC too.

Football manager classic will feature a couple of unlockable features to make the game a little easier to play too. The features mentioned so far are the ability to add a few million pounds to your transfer budget and removing the need to secure a work permit for certain players.

Football Manager Challenge Mode is a version of the game where you have a set period time, "usually half a season", to complete challenges "that will test your management skills". An example of one challenge that FM 2013 will set you is to take over a specific club that is unbeaten half way through a season (probably Arsenal) and guide them through to the rest of the campaign without losing the unbeaten record. This is a popular feature that has been lifted from the Football Manager 2012 Handheld game.

FM 2013 features: improved 3D match engine

Football Manager's developers are hailing the 2013 game's 3D match engine to be the most improved since 2007. "Everything you see on the pitch will look more realistic" , with significant improvements being made to the way the players move on the pitch and the way the ball moves through the air, even the way the stadiums look has been made "more realistic".

FM 2013 is said to have 100s of new and improved animations to create a more realistic game, as well as a new camera angle for the match engine too - with improvements being made to the existing camera angles.

FM 2013 features: staff

There has also been an overhaul of the staff and their roles in Football Manager 2013. For the first time in the game's history a Director of Football has been introduced. Gamers' can use the Director of Football to look after certain time aspects of the game they might not wish to spend their time on; things such as player and staff's contract negotiations. This is a feature that can be turned on or off at any time.

FM 2013 features: new network game

FM 2013 has now fully integrated Steam into the game. This may come as a nuisance to the more old school Football Manager fans, as Steam's intrusion on Football Manager in previous games has not also been received favourably.

However, the idea behind Steam and Football Manager working together is to improve the Network Game mode, and this feature in FM 2013 is said to be the easiest to set up and play to date. Steam will also now offer the game's first world-wide leader board, so players can now see once and for all how good they really are.

FM 2013 features: loans, scouts and tax

Also in the 'press conference' the Football Manager spokesman also briefly mentioned that improvements have been made to the way loans deals are done as well as changes to the way scouts can be used. One interesting new feature that was also mentioned was a new focus on individual country's tax rates. Money grabbing players will now take into consideration what percentage of his wage will be taxed by a country when moving to a new club.

FM 2013 features: general

The Football Manage database has been added to once more, it now includes over 500,000 players and staff, with all existing 51 playable countries/leagues being updated. Other improvements to the game include FM 2013's own version of the Premier League's Elite Player Performance Plan (EPPP), which in short is the league's new youth development scheme.

FM 2013 has clocked up an impressive 900 new features and these features will be realised in the coming weeks and months. So bookmark this page as we will be adding significant feature news as and when it is released.

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